VAMDC Project (2009 - 2012)

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Contact person : Bernard Schmitt

LPG started in 2006 to develop the GhoSST service (formerly called STSP) ( that will comprise a set of spectroscopic and physical data bases on several types of solids (atomic and molecular, complex organics, minerals). The current development is focused on the spectroscopic database (spectra and band list) of molecular solids, its associated administration and query interfaces and some related spectroscopic tools. A prototype for band list data will be delivered end of 2008. A preliminary data model covering this field has been developed and will constitute a starting point for the development of a more general data model of physical data on atomic and molecular solids.

LPG will be involved in several WP of this project :

- Build the molecular solids physical properties databases (JRA1) :

- collection of the users requirements for solid AM data

- develop a molecular physics data model and XML schema for solids, compatible with the current AM data model for gas (JRA1, task 1).

- build dictionaries and registries for solids (JRA1, tasks 2 and 4)

- contribution to the design a general query language for atomic and molecular data (JRA1, tasks 3)

- Contribute to adapt the publishing tools to solid AM databases (JRA2), (mostly by expertise on solid DM ).

- Contribute to build the query protocols to access published solid AM data (JRA3)

- Develop and install data-access service software at the STSP level. Documentation (SA 1)

- Contribute to Quality Assurance of data and resources (SA3, task 2)

Key persons :


Bernard Schmitt, DR2 CNRS:

Expertise : Solid spectroscopy

Role in VAMDC project : scientific manager for solid AM databases, user requirements, data models, registries and dictionaries, Quality Assurance and Documentation of data


Pierre Volcke, IE CNRS:

Expertise : Software Development

Role in VAMDC project : technical manager, data models, XML Schema, software development, query language and protocols

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