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Contact Person : C.Zeippen



The LERMA, department of Paris Observatory, associated to the CNRS, University Paris 6, the Ecole Normale Supérieure and University of Cergy-Pontoise, is an interdisciplinary laboratory covering astrophysical observations and modeling of star forming regions and galaxies, theoretical and experimental atomic and molecular physics as well as instrumentation for Herschel and Alma. Through the activities of the coordinator in collaboration with a LERMA software engineer LERMA has been involved in Virtual Observatory activities linked to atomic and molecular data. These activities are one of the top priorities among the Observatoire de Paris ongoing projects. Members of the LERMA are also involved in atomic and molecular databases, as well as in opacity studies in the framework of ambitious national (in collaboration with the CEA) and international (in collaboration with several American and European countries) projects.

Key Persons :


C. Zeippen Senior CNRS Researcher

Expertise: Calculation of atomic data, atomic data bases, opacity server, astrophysical applications for the interstellar medium and stellar physics. Founding member of the international projects OPACITY and IRON. Management experience: head of the DAMAp department of the Observatory of Paris (8 years), Vice President of the Administrative Council of the Observatoire de Paris (since February 2003).

Role in VAMDC project: expert on atomic data (JRA1), TIPTOPBase (SA1)


S. Sahal-Bréchot Senior CNRS Researcher

Expertise: Calculation of atomic data

Role in VAMDC project: expert on line shapes (JRA1)


N. Moreau Research Engineer at LERMA

Expertise: database design and management, software design for virtual observatory services on BASECOL database.

Role in VAMDC project: Development of VAMDC services and tools at VOPARIS Data Centre in SA1

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